finding magic

WelcomeWelcome to my site! This is my first “official” blog post 💗

I’ve created this space as a little nook for those of us struggling to find meaning in suffering, strength in weakness, joy in sorrow.

Living with chronic health issues can feel dark, lonely, and dare I say, tragic. But in that tragedy, there is magic. I know, I know. How the hell do you find magic in something that feels tragic?

The magic is something you have to create – and it lives within you! Most people get a cold and they think their world is crashing down, but not us! We deal with pain, stress, and anxiety every day but yet we continue to show up when most would not. We show up to life. We get out of our damn bed (most days) and still contribute to our families, our communities, and the world. We have a secret sauce, a strength that many cannot even imagine. If you ask me, that’s magic!

While you are not Houdini or Cinderella’s fairy godmother, you do possess something just as powerful (if not more so). You possess the unique ability to overcome obstacle after obstacle with sheer willpower. But there is more. There is your magic. The something special you have in your heart that makes you strong in the face of adversity. It gives you the power to look at each new challenge square in the eye and know that day by day, you will not let it overtake you. You will not be overcome.

It is time to celebrate this magic that lies within you! You are a warrior, a hero, a force of nature. You are pure magic.

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