Make it a Habit

Body Positivity

Loving your body as is isn’t an easy feat. 


It’s like brushing your teeth, except not.

Dancing around in an itsy bitsy teeny weeny  yellow polka dot bikini 👙 isn’t as easy as it may appear above.

HOWEVER…prioritizing loving your body in all it’s glory is as – actually more so – important than figuring how to squeeze into a bikini.

Our bodies are magical. They fight off disease, carry us through hard days at the office, give and receive affection from those we love, and are with us from our first breath to our last. Disrespecting your body with hurtful inner dialogue is like being cruel to your oldest friend.

When we focus solely on our outward appearance as validation of our worth, we miss all the magic mentioned above. We forget all our bodies have done for us in favor of focusing on archaic ideals of beauty, societal standards which are unrealistic, and we give in to that inner rehetoric that is hurtful and unkind.

So how do we make loving our bodies routine? 

Start simple.

Every day I want you to get up & thank your body for it’s magic. For example, “thank you for carrying me through my day yesterday”, or “thank you for giving me the energy to spend time with my friends”.

Acknowledge your Beauty.

Okay, ladies. We’re picking up the pace a little. Pick out one thing every day that is beautiful about your appearance. Today, I noticed that even though I’m sick {thank you body, for working on fighting off this bug!}, my hair still looked kinda cute. Great job, hair! 😂

Overcome the Rhetoric 

Ok, kids, it’s getting a little more tricky. Time to stop the tape! Next time you feel that negative self-talk a-brewin’, stop that rhetoric right in its tracks 🚂. Example: this morning I noticed my tummy was extra puffy. The ever famous “endo belly” in full action. At first I thought, “UGH I hate my stomach!!!” Whoa, there, little lady. STOP. 🛑 ✋🏼 try again…. “my stomach is bloated today because of my endometriosis, better wear my leggings so I’m comfortable”. See the difference?

Embrace the Journey 

Know that every day isn’t going to be easy. Sometimes you’re going to master these steps, some days you might crash and burn. Knowing that you can try, try, and try again is part of the habit. Allowing yourself room to make mistakes is just as important to self-love as the steps noted above. Lastly….

Celebrate what you Can’t See

Loving your body is important BUT so is loving YOU. Your essence, your spirit, your sparkly personality….these are the things that truly define your beauty. These things radiate from within. Share those gifts with the world and be thankful to be you. You are wonderfully made!

And… you look damn good. Inside and out. Acknowledge that every day and it will become your habit. 

Xoxo 💋 – kelly